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Hiram's Forum/Indiana Freemasons Group

The Grand Lodge of Indiana is evolving with changes in technology and the original Hiram's Forum is moving platforms as a part of this evolution. Hiram's Forum began in January of 2004 and has faithfully served as a place to share information and discuss Indiana Freemasonry. The evolution of Facebook has opened up the opportunity for us to have a closed group of members sharing information about the Fraternity. We will be working to archive the entire set of postings from Hiram's Forum. Once that information can be extracted from the exisitng forum platform and properly formatted, we will setup access for this piece of our history. New posts will all be done on Indiana Freemasons a closed Facebook group. Acceptance in the group will require you to request admittance and then approval after investigation.

If your interested in getting involved and sharing your ideas and comments please join this Group for Indiana Freemasons at Indiana Freemasons Facebook.

Your involvement in this group will require you have a Facebook account and then you can request to join the group. If you need help understanding how to setup a facebook acount start here - Facebook Account Setup.

Your actions should be guided by the fact that you are a Master Mason. The postings on this platform should be based in the obligations you have agreed to as a Master Mason. Violations of Masonic Law will be addressed individully by the Grand Master.

Special Thanks and Recognition

Thank you to all who have particiapted in the forum and contributed to it's success. Special thanks to Chris Hodapp who helped bring the idea into existence and serving as Administrator and Moderator. Nathan Brindle was instrumental in the original setup and configuration of the platform and has served as a Moderator. Jim Dillman joined just after launch and Chris Kimmel joined a little later. Both of these Moderators have carried this effort through recent years. All of these men have been instrumental in educating hundreds of Borthers ove the years through this platform. I look forward to their posts now and into the future on the Indiana Freemasons member group on Facebook.

A Message from the Moderators


It is with some sadness and regret that I inform you that Hiram's Forum will be shut down in the very near future. Those of you who still check in here have undoubtedly noticed that the activity here has gradually decreased to the point where we're seeing only a handful of posts per week, if that. The advent of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media has doomed many discussion forums as most people are using the newer media to communicate. I'll address that topic again later in this post.

The forum was christened on January 20, 2022 with W.Bros. Chris Hodapp and Nathan Brindle taking care of the maintenance and moderation of the board. I came on as a third moderator just a couple of months later and W.Bro. Chris Kimmel joined the team about two or three years ago, I believe. Chris Hodapp has done the lion's share of the work here over the years by taking care of the registrations, dealing with the hundreds of spammers, and performing the necessary maintenance. We all owe him a huge debt of gratitude. Moderating the board proved to be quite simple as the discussions here very rarely turned uncivil, not that I'd expect anything less from a group of Freemasons, but that has not always rang true with other Masonic discussion forums around the internet. Trust me on that one.

All of the forum archives will be preserved on a site that will be available to the Freemasons of Indiana. As of this moment, we're still determining exactly how and where the archives will be preserved. There are many wonderful discussions and essays in the archives of the forum and they are part of the history of the Grand Lodge of Indiana. There is no doubt that untold numbers of brethren and lodges benefited to a great degree from the discussions on this board, not only here in Indiana, but around the country and world as we have had forum members from all around the world.

Many thanks to all of you who have participated in the discussions over the years. It's thanks to all of you that this forum has been such an effective means of communication, enlightenment, and, most of all, outstanding fellowship. We'll keep the board active for at least another week or so to give all of you a chance to express any thoughts you might have about the forum.

I invite all Indiana Freemasons to join the group Indiana Masons on Facebook, which is a closed group where we can still carry on the same kind of discussions that we have on Hiram's Forum, but in a distinctly different format. This is a closed group and you will have to ask permission to join. My understanding is that it will be limited to Indiana Freemasons as we're unable to verify the membership of brethren in other jurisdictions. There is also a page under the Grand Lodge of Indiana that is open to anyone who would like to view the information there. All you have to do is like the page. I hope to see you all there.


James Dillman